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SnapTube App is 100% SAFE, with its security verified by multiple virus & malware detection engines. You can also scan every update through these platforms, and enjoy SnapTube APK with no worry!

App NameSnapTube APK
File SIze20.3 MB
Requirement4.5 and up
CategoryVideo Downloader & Players
Total Downloads1000,0000
Last update2 hours ago


Snaptube APK is a great app that provides its users with some significant features. While serving more than 1 billion users, Initially, its user interface is too simple, allowing users to understand the whole process. You can download videos within your desired resolution, from 240p to 4k. Despite this, you can download audio in MP3 and MP4 formats. The in-built video player enables you to watch videos before downloading. It prevents you from downloading videos which not suit your taste. Providing their customers with many customization options makes their lives so convenient.

What Is Snaptube?

f you are among those still looking for a satisfactory video and audio downloader for their Android devices, this app (Snaptube app) is for you. It enables you to download videos and audio from various social media platforms. Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook are platforms where you can download content with their help. From an in-built video and audio player to set resolutions for downloading videos, it has everything for you in it. Rather than such features, it contains many other features, which we will discuss below.

Key-Features Of Snaptube

Adds Free

It’s a free app but does not bother its audience with advertisements. While streaming online, downloading videos, or listening to audio, it never shows ads on screens.It means now you have a platform to watch your desired content without ads.

Dual functionality (Streaming And Downloading)

It is a downloading app that allows its users to watch videos online. For this purpose, it contains an in-built video player. Further, it supports a variety of resolutions, such as 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p HD, 2K HD, and 4K HD for downloading videos. So, it’s time to download videos in your favorite resolutions from your mobile.

Night Mode

By applying night mode, you can use it at night for a long time. It will allow you to set your background black, providing comfort to your eyes. It also protects the eyes, especially those who use mobiles late at night.

Batch Downloading

This feature allows you to download multiple files at a time. This will help you to save both your time and energy by downloading a collection of videos.

Supports Multiple Platforms

It does not support a simple platform like youtube. You can download videos from different sources. Vimeo, SoundCloud, Youtube, and Facebook are some of those sites.Further, providing their users with such a plethora of content is not the game for a single site.

High-Quality Downloads

It does not matter if you download video or audio; it provides high-quality downloads. Daily downloaders know that getting high-quality downloads is the next level of satisfaction.  

Fast Download Speeds

They make all possible efforts to make a comfortable environment for their users. Providing high downloading speed is a technology that helps their user a lot. With this fast downloading technology, you can download videos in just some seconds.

Easy to Use

They do all settings to provide their users with the best comfort level. Its interface is so easy that a beginner can easily understand and use it without any problem.

Built-in Search Functionality

The built-in search features allow you to fetch your desired content with the help of just some queries. This search function follows your queries and provides suitable content according to them. Just like big social media platforms do. They examine your interest and show content that fetches your focus. After this, you engage more in your activity and spend much time here.

Picture In Picture Mood

With the help f this feature, you can experience multiple screens while using the Snaptube apk. Picture-in-picture mood helps a lot for multi-taskers.

Convert Videos to MP3

Think about it that you can convert your videos into mp3. Yes, the Snaptube apk allows you to make such changes. With the help of just some finger taps, you can convert your videos to mp3. It mainly works when you want to get background music for any video. It is also beneficial for music atheists.

Safe and Secure

Using it is completely safe, and because of it, it wins the trust of many people. So, don’t panic about using it, and be safe and secure.

New Amazing Features

  • The new update of the Snaptube app allows its users to download videos from over 100 platforms.
  • No need for any switching or occurrence of any disturbance.
  • It also enhances the quality of download at 4K in new updates.
  • Picture in picture and dark mood provide a new look in the user’s vision.
  • You can convert videos to audio platforms.

Snaptube Pros & Cons


  • A streaming experience without advertisements
  • Support a huge collection of platforms
  • Download videos in a variety of resolutions
  • You can convert videos into a simple audio
  • Night mode available
  • Picture and picture mood allow you to do multi-task
  • Allow you to download many videos in a single time (Batch Downloading)
  • Built-in search functionality allows you to grab the content of your taste


  • Not Available in official Google play store.
  • This App Allow advertisement.

Is It Safe To Use Snaptube

Snaptube is a completely safe and secure app, but downloading it from any unofficial source may cause a disturbance. So, making it safe or unsafe is in the hands of users. Further, downloading copyrighted material by using it is also illegal.

It never requests your data by asking you to make an account, which shows that it is not interested in your data. So, be mindful while using it and conscious while providing it permissions to your files.


Is Snaptube free to use?

Yes, it’s completely free. Even you don’t need to make an account on it.

Can we use Snaptube on all devices?
Is it available in official app stores?
Can I download copyrighted content using Snaptube?

Alternatives Of Snaptube

Many other videos allow its user the services, just like Snaptube.


It’s the main and well popular app for downloading videos. Like Snaptube it also contains a family of more than 100 million users. It also supports many platforms, and the videos downloaded are high quality. Both batch downloading and audio extraction features are also available on it.


KeepVid also supports a lot of sites to download videos from it. Vimeo, Facebook, Youtube, and many other sites are available here for downloads. It also helps their user by providing them with a high-speed downloading experience.


Its interface is also very easy and clean, which helps the user to find its desired content. It also supports several platforms from where users can download videos. Downloading videos in multiple resolutions is also available. The fast downloading feature also uniquely benefits its users. These are the top alternatives of Snaptube, but YTD video downloader, 4K video downloader, and Newpipe are also alternatives. This list is as far as Snaptube support sites.


Snaptube app occur a revolutionary app in the world of video downloaders. It provides its users many features, starting with an easy user interface. Further, you can download videos from more than 100 platforms with its help. Downloading speed can be optimized. The batch-downloading feature allows you to download multiple videos simultaneously. Further, it is safe to use, and all considerations mentioned above. You just need to be a little conscious while using it. Allow just necessary permissions which are not risky. Built-in video players and search engines help a lot of their users. You can stream videos online, and the search engine will help you to reach your desired video. Its algorithm also follows your interests and prefers videos that suit you.